Friday, November 14, 2008

Parrot SK4000 Bluetooth motorcycle kit – Review

Parrot is the champions of Bluetooth peripherals in the market and it’s known to all. They have solution for any wireless problem of the world, provided you have the one and they are steadfast in not only realising the need gap but to bridge it with most phenomenal products. SK4000 Bluetooth motorcycle kit is an outcome of same approach.


Parrot SK4000 enables motorcyclists to switch very easily between music and calls with the help the easy clip-on wireless remote mounted on left handlebar of the bike. The Bluetooth hands-free motorcycle kit features wireless mobile remote control via Bluetooth using the A2DP profile, FM RDS radio, clear-cut noise reduction, echo cancellation and a whole new range of features present in this market.


Parrot’s also has multi-speaker voice recognition software for calling which rules out the need to record voice tags. The kit identifies the contact’s name spoken by the owner and makes the call automatically.

The exceptional Text To Speech feature calls out the contact names from the user’s phonebook on the earpiece and is also names the radio stations to facilitate the driver spot the right station.


The build and functioning of the Parrot SK4000 is such that ensures complete safety on two wheelers for making and receiving calls. You can leave your phone lying with in the range of Bluetooth anywhere like your pocket or bag, and the kit automatically connects to the phone via Bluetooth.

Battery backup

An ultimate road companion or The Parrot SK4000 gives over 10 hours' battery life in use and the mini USB socket is given to get it recharged.

The device performs quite well on the audio parameters; it has two amazing sound effects the Stereo Widening and Virtual Super Bass, to bring life into your playlist. Even more fascinating is the automatic volume adjustment feature that adjusts itself to adapt with wind noise on your drive. The sound is Crystal-clear sound, even at high speed, hats off to Parrot's expertise in handsfree kits.


Looking at the craftsmanship, it can be said that this is the most durable Bluetooth motorcycle kit I have ever seen. The Built-in omnidirectional microphone has a windguard which make it work properly and keeps it stable. The helmet component measures 1.2”X2.5”x2.6” and the remote control measure 1.7x1.0x3.5. The Helmet control unit contains 4 buttons for answering, hang up, volume control, the Audio unit has 1 microphone, 2 speakers and the Remote control has 5 buttons to answer, hang up, select audio source, browse menus, radio search, next, back, stop.

In Nut Shell

The kit is perfect for bike riders who love their journey and wants to make it even more enjoyable with loosing million worth call. It contains all relevant features without making any compromise on quality and durability.


Jorgen said...

Although the sound quality is very good, both out and in, I have had problem with my unit. It just restarts ever so often. Anything from 5 minutes to working fine for half an hour. A dodgy unit? Sorry to say, I am now on my third unit. Is it something with the iPhone I use? Up-to-date software, and it's not the Bluetooth that restarts, it's the whole unit.

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Herbert said...

Parrot is the champions of Bluetooth peripherals in the market and it's known to all. They have solution for any wireless problem of the world, ...