Monday, September 29, 2008

MK 6000 for music enthusiasts

MK6000 has been confronting the scarcity of reviews so, we thought of supplementing the least talked gadget from the stable of Parrot. I got friendly with it in just a matter of seconds. I turned on the ignition key, and a few seconds later I was talking to the Parrot MK6000 with the opening statement from it being “Please, pair device”, although it took some time to boot.

The device supports “Wireless Stereo” and “Hands Free” profiles so I checked both of them. Parrot’s control panel is something that always delights me since I always hear Voice Command’s familiar chime through my car’s speakers the moment I press green button. For making calls I simply speak the name of a contact and the conversation begins with Cingular’s “Voice Connect” service.

People with whom I spoke about it reported to satisfied with fine voice quality and no disturbance because of background noise. I experienced it while driving so it was testified.

This one of its kind Bluetooth car kit supports A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profiles. It really fastens the switching process, as I hung up my first test call, I hit the green button again and said “START POCKET PLAYER”. PP3’s A2DP and AVRCP support works with my Plantronics Pulsar 590A as I have already verified that, and the complete blue light illuminated front panel of the car kit the blue looks awesome, PLAY/PAUSE, NEXT/PREV all of them. The music boomed from the vehicle’s speakers.

Simply Press “STOP” and hold the PLAY/PAUSE button for 2 seconds and “PLAY” a few times if music starts skipping after you are done with your call. There is an actually a “pop”, then a second or so of silence, and then the playback continues after the arrived call is hung up.

I took advantage of the automatic synchronisation function that automatically synchronise with address book, and read out the names you select! This is pretty cool. And let me make it that clear that if you're buying a MK6000, you are availing the audio streaming capability. You’re getting MP3's through your old radio without buying a new one as Bluetooth mp3 player / phone (if A2DP compatible) can stream music to your existing car stereo via the Parrot.

Parrot Minikit CK3000 type!! Yet exceptional

Parrot Minikit undoubtedly is commendable Bluetooth handsfree kit being belonging to the stable of parrot. Please don’t go by its name as this is a Hands-Free Speaker Phone device able to be used at home, office, in the car or anywhere on earth where you are reluctant or deprived of holding mobile phone.

The package includes a metal clip to mount it on your sun-visor however; it can also be placed on the dash-board or wherever you prefer. Coming back to the feature and technology part, The Mini-kit uses a 2 way speaker, dsp-2 signal processing algorithms, Omni directional microphone, supports HSP, HFP & OPP and is perfectly compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones.

The rechargeable battery gives about 10 hours of talk time and 275 hours of standby – being fully charged and works pretty well in the proximity of 10 feet.

The parrot Minikit is not just a simple speaker as it inherits most of the features from CK3000. You can have multiple numbers per contact - mobile, home, office, etc. It is able to use the voice-prints from your phone, or you can even transfer the numbers from your mobile to the Parrot. Training option is also there for improved performance.

Parrot minikit boast automatic pairing just put your phone in paring mode and turn on the Minikit, rest is assured automatically. To handle calls you can use voice activation feature that calls for naming the person you want to call. Just press the green and red button to answer or hang a call respectively.

The handy navigation wheel on the front can be used to change options and to select menus when calling automated call centres, but it’s illegal for your information.

The Parrot Minikit calls quality is amazing being loud & clear. It works well with other compatible brands as well. Although it may be more expensive than some other Bluetooth Speaker offerings, and also you may be disappointed by the absence of automatic mute system for your cars radio speakers however, everything is up to mark as promised. Parrot Minikit hands-free speaker phone is absolutely recommendable for those ferreting for transferable Bluetooth hands-free kit for your car / home / office.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Parrot CK3200 colour Bluetooth car kit definitely is value for money

Turn –ons

The Parrot 3200 LS Color's customisable color display combined with its spontaneous controls makes it programmable with ease.

Freedom of hands-free calling through voice recognition system

The photo-tagging feature for phone book contacts is very much appreciated.


Lack of option for dialling numbers by voice.

Programming in voice tags for contacts may be appeared at time consuming.

In nut shell

The Parrot 3200 LS Color not only mingles everything that you may wish for but also it is stuffed with the features that may delight you.

The simple control interface and a great voice recognition system is really off-beat with commendable color display concluding it to attractive, easy to use hands-free calling device. After all this is what parrot bluetooth is all about!

The aesthetics

Parrot CK3200 witnesses the departure from the CK-series design with new square shape, even though the basic control interface of the CK3000 and CK3100 is retained with its two buttons and rotary dial. The square shape of the screen increases the functionality by displaying up to three lines of contacts at a time. The 160x128-pixel TFT screen can display up to 262,144 colours.


Parrot CK3200 is a study and macho when it comes to functionality. The core features are inherited from CK3000 and CK3100 evolution. The pairing is straightforward and simple. The contacts from phonebook are automatically transferred to the 3200 LS Colour if Bluetooth enabled. Also call log records are transferred to the phone automatically. The square screen lets it display an intuitive numerical keypad for dialling in preference to linear keypad of CK3100. Parrot 3200 LS Colour automatically mutes the car's stereo with a choice of four ringtones for incoming calls which can be auto-answered as well.

Parrot CK3000 evolution – reviews

Parrot CK3000 illusory looks at first glance may stand as a barrier to convince you of its undisputed in-built features enough to take edge over its competitors. This slightly bulky beauty groups many great features at an even better price.

Lets see first of all what do you get for under £100.

A car kit that fitting the bill as far as a legal device

Sufficing you need for complete Bluetooth car kit

Does everything without distracting.

The kit is not much visible as the control box is concealed behind car stereo, and a mic is mounted on the front pillars for excellent, clear calls.

The Parrot ck3000 evolution routes incoming calls through your cars' speakers, and mutes automatically making calls loud and clear. Your car doesn’t need additional wiring kits if car stereo has a standard ISO wiring loom. Event if it doesn't, you can get them easily in the market.

Parrot ck3000 performance

1. Simple and user-friendly installation, once installed and paired with your bluetooth phone, you're ready for use.

2. This is the true hands-free operation through voice recognition simply Press the green button, or say "Phone" to receive your call. just press the red button, or say "hang up" to finish the call.

3. Making calls happens in blink of eyes if you have voiceprints activated in your phone, simply say "Phone" and name of the person you want to call. You can even further clarify the location of call If they've got more than one number. Just add "home", "work", "mobile" etc.


Parrot have a great user guide and help section, where they have an exhaustive list of phones and how to get the voice recognition working. The best way is to send each contact from your phone to the Parrot, which then asks you to say the name for future voice-activated use. The ck3000 evolution stores up to 150 names more than enough for users. The ck3000 evolution Bluetooth car kit also employs all sorts of echo cancellation and background noise reduction technology to deliver unparalleled the voice clarity on the calls. This is certainly a recommendation product.

For more on parrot bluetooth

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The class and elegance of having a hands free like Parrot CK3100

Respect your luxurious car with an amazing handsfree named parrot CK3100. Parrot CK3100 truly redefines your class with its wonderful qualities and functions. Your Bluetooth phone gets connected within seconds and you can start dialoguing immediately.

The Parrot Bluetooth CK3100 is an upgraded version of the older Parrot CK3000 offering the facility to provide drivers with visual information and functions that they routinely use from their personal phone.

The phonebook display is intuitive and displays with call ID information when a call is received (for compatible handsets).

The echo cancellation and noise reduction technologies ensure extreme accuracy while communicating. Phonebook synchronization including last calls received -last calls dialled add tremendous advantage to the kit users.

The CK3100 package contains

  • 1 CK3100 electronic control unit
  • 1 microphone with cable
  • 1 radio mute cable with line output (ISO cable)
  • 1 power supply cable
  • 1 display with buttons and cable
  • 1 user guide in 7 languages

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why Parrot Minikit Slim is the one of the best car kits in the world?

Parrot Minikit Slim in my opinion and I am sure many other people is one of the best handsfree from parrot bluetooth. After all the kit has got it’s all the areas very well featured. Name it and you have it. Be it design or for that matter synchronisation the car kit excels almost in all areas.

A profiled and a sleek design make it wonderful for the eyes to watch this car kit. It offers countless uses as it can be used in the car, in the office and even at home. The intelligent interface automatically connects to your Bluetooth phone in just a matter of time. It weighs just 83 g.

Once paired, the Parrot MINIKIT SLIM impulsively synchronises its phonebook with the contacts on your mobile phone. Due to the excellent voice synthesis that is Text-To-Speech Function the whole phonebook remains practical and available at every point of time. Fancy calling is now possible as all you need to do is just say the name and the MINIKIT SLIM recognises it without any prior training and dials the number.

With Parrot car kits we know that conversations become even better. Parrot has combined here its audio expertise with the vibrating panel technology. The especially discreet high sensitivity microphone is fully built into the design.

Other redefining aspects

  • Number of contacts - 1000 per phone. Total of 2500.
  • Language - one language per version.
  • Pairing - Up to five devices.
  • Battery: lithium-ion, maximum charging time of 4 hours.
  • Battery life - over 15 hours' talk time. Over 20 days on standby.

These are all the reasons why Parrot Minikit Slim is one of the best handsfree option today.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Parrot Bluetooth Hands Free Car kit – CK3000 v/s CK3100

Parrot is a world leader in Bluetooth headset solution especially in European markets. It keeps on unveiling new product every now and than. So as it launched Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth Advanced Car Kit, we thought of presenting a comparison with its predecessor CK 3000.

The Bluetooth Parrot CK3100 and its Handsfree Console is an upgraded version of the older Parrot CK3000 is different in a way that it provides drivers with visual information and functions in order to give them smooth functioning on day to day basis.

The Parrot CK3000 Evolution supports remote and handsfree operation for variety of mobile phones from different manufacturers with the requirement being only the Bluetooth® wireless technology to support an audio profile for opening an audio channel with handsfree system. The wireless connection between the Parrot CK3100 LCD and the Bluetooth phone and its voice recognition system is enabled as soon as the phone is switched on.

The Parrot CK3000 pairs up to 3 phones, to that The Bluetooth Parrot CK3100 can pair up to 5 devices. Rest features like Echo cancellation, noise reduction, Voice recognition dialing, and dual call and, Volume control are same in both the models.

Apart from this parrot CK3100 consist of all the visual features that are completely eliminated from Parrot CK3000 because of non-presence of display feature. Display features like displaying carrier name and Network signal strength on its lavishing LCD screen sets it apart from Parrot CK3000.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Parrot CK3300 bluetooth handsfree and GPS car kit – review

It always makes much sense to use handsfree car kit given the fact it’s safe and allowed by most legislation where the mobile phones are legally restricted. Even where the mobiles are not prohibited while driving it makes sense to use a handsfree system purely for the sake of safety.

Parrot is a leader manufacturer of mobile phone accessories. They have products lined up in the range of handsfree devices, but recently the Parrot CK3300 handsfree car kit grabbed our attention with an integrated bluetooth GPS receiver.

Parrot CK3000 Universal Car is already being sold in 35 countries and is acknowledged worldwide for its car solution. With its quality built-in GPS receiver, CK3300 is an extension of CK 3100 with addition of navigation functions. It sometimes looks like dream when you turn on the ignition; everything is connected and starts running. Although the reality is not same but, somewhere around it.

The Parrot CK3300 comprise the control box, Radio mute cable, LCD Screen, Microphone, Multi option LCD mounting kit, GPS antenna, ISO cabling set and also Parrot provide an external speaker as an optional accessory.

The parrot CK3300 works seamlessly hands-free with Superior user interface with LCD display. It Works with all Bluetooth enabled Smartphones and PDA. Inatallation is very easy. The unit uses car speakers and features automatic mute system, audio volume control delivering Quality audio of Digital Signal Processing. No wire, no headset hence No headset battery to charge. The Software is upgradeable. The GPS is 12 channels with Active antenna over Bluetooth.

There are a numerous combinations that can be tried on the Parrot CK3300 for deriving different configurations. For more on Parrot Bluetooth

Friday, September 19, 2008

Parrot bluetooth wireless speakers all set to benchmark wireless speaker systems

Parrot being a leader of wireless peripherals has announced the launch of two new powerful wireless stereo parrot speaker systems which are stylish and sleek too. The two are parrot DS1120 and Parrot DS3120. Both of them promises best quality and performance and seem to benchmark an era of wireless speakers.

Parrot DS1120

A set of hip and sleek 30W wireless speakers is a hi-fi set of wireless stereo speakers, works seamlessly with the users’ cell phone, MP3-player, or laptop, delivering unrivalled sound quality in the house. It has been designed to deliver best audio performance. The Class-D digital amplifier has been built in each speaker of Parrot DS1120 that gives an output of 30W RMS, rendering crystal-clear sound. The Parrot DS1120 is expected to be available in Europe and the U.S. in Q2 of 2008 with approx MSRP of pound 148.

Parrot DS3120

It an all-in-one home entertainment system that combines a multi-connectivity stereo speaker docks with hands-free calling. Being innovative home stereo it incorporates Parrot’s award-winning hands-free calling technology and wireless music in one unit. You can use Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) or a USB connection to play music from mobile phones, music players, PCs and laptops wirelessly. It also has a line-in for iPod, a SD card slot, and a built-in FM/RDS radio. The color TFT screen is 1.8-inch and displays track and album details while in being use. The Parrot DS3120 has its own battery power source offering up to 10 hours playback, and weighs only 1.5kg / 3.3 lbs giving portability factor. The Parrot DS3120 is expected to be in Europe and the U.S. in Q2 of 2008 with approx. MSRP of pounds 132.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Parrot MKi9100 handsfree is committed to your car for reasons

Going on with the Parrot Bluetooth products we are yet here to give a standing ovation to MKi9100 which is in itself a unique range of Bluetooth hands-free car kits installed in every car. It committed to your car for increasing the convenience and and making your drive more ambient.

  1. With the latest communication technologies combined, it is fully dedicated to conversation and music with a full set of services.
  2. You can access the main functions through remote control like Play, Pause, Next Song, Previous Song, and Volume.
  3. The MKi9100 establishes in a matter of seconds with any phone conversations in your vehicle without needing to touch the telephone. You can even leave it in your pocket.
  1. Since, the user-independent voice recognition and voice synthesis are integrated in all MKi9100 car kits it spectacularly makes it easier to be used in every situation.
  1. You are provided with maximum connectors for any type of music device with each MKi9100 hands-free kit: USB MP3 players, CD players, MiniDisc, iPod, iPhone, iTouch, USB keys, and Bluetooth Stereo devices.
  1. It is an icon of perfect integration and wide compatibility existing and future Bluetooth mobile phones. The MKi9100 software is upgradeable for free at any time from the web site. It can be interfaced with an optional module for availing higher integration in the vehicle.
  1. The MKi9100 synchronizes automatically the phone numbers with phonebooks and update phonebooks whenever a new entry is detected.

MKi9100 is 100% Bluetooth compatible with advance Digital Signal Processing technology for reducing the background noises and echo cancellation.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vroom your way with Parrot MKi9200 Handsfree

Continuing to quest the Parrot Bluetooth car kits here is one another advanced MKi 9200 hands free. MKi redefines the phone conversations by providing exceptional audio quality and also you need not even handle the phone. The boon with every parrot hands free is bestowed with that is technologies like integrated voice recognition can be witnessed here as well. Connection to your mobile phone becomes damn easy in any circumstance and the additional good part is that it also contains connectors for any type of music (iPod, iphone, iTouch, USB keys, USB MP3 players, Bluetooth Stereo devices, CD players, MiniDisc)

Outstanding Music and Audio Quality

Parrot MKi 9200 delivers amazingly high quality on the audio front. Each MKi kit comes equipped with an independent RF remote control that gives you full control at your fingerprints. What’s more an incredibly efficient blending of an external double microphone and new software ensure elimination of environmental and in-car noises with full-duplex and zero-echo crystal clear conversations. The music cable is specifically designed to adapt to any sort of digital and analogue music players.

Good Synchronisation

The MKi like every other parrot car kit automatically synchronizes the names and phone numbers in your mobile with their phonebooks and update theirs phonebooks each time a new entry is detected. Voice synthesis (Text To Speech) is an added feature which will make your work a bit easy for sure.

Impressive Compatibility and Flawless integration

The biggest advantage of Parrot MKi 9200 is that it presents impressive compatibility as it is fully compatible with Bluetooth wireless communication protocol. For a higher integration in the vehicle, MKi can be interfaced with an optional module – Parrot MULTICAN – which uses the existing steering wheel mounted commands to control your Parrot Bluetooth hands-free car kit.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Parrot Bluetooth Sound System – adieu to cables

With the world getting musical around you, its time to bid farewell to those entangling pair of speakers which always irritate you when it comes to setup. Parrot Bluetooth sound system is classis pair of speakers, white-lacquered bookshelf speakers with dimensions of 11.5 x 7.5 x 8.5 inches. They are linked to each other and to an audio source via Bluetooth wireless standard.

The speakers are essentially identical, and working with three buttons: volume up, volume down, and Bluetooth sync. The black-fabric covers on the speaker are removable and can be adhered magnetically gives a nice touch.

  • Speaker features digital two-channel Class-D amplifier yielding 60-watt output.
  • The built-in Bluetooth 2.0 includes the three key Bluetooth components
    1. EDR (Enhanced Data Rate),
    2. A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
    3. AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile)

Giving out decent-sounding stereo audio. The speakers' firmware is upgradeable (via the Bluetooth link from a PC).

Turn ons:

  • The ability of Stereo speakers to stream audio wirelessly from Bluetooth devices via USB dongle for streaming from PCs
  • Built-in amplifiers and line-in jacks comes for wired connections
  • Upgradeable firmware

However Wireless" speakers still require one power cord for each speaker with Bluetooth pairing being finicky process. You need to have an optional dongle to stream wirelessly from iPod.

Gist: Parrot's Bluetooth Sound System is although an expensive one, however if you're looking forward to get rid of labyrinth of wires it is the best set of attractive and good-sounding wireless speakers to stream music from your Bluetooth phone, PC, or--with optional dongle--iPod. It is definitely the value for money product.

Attention CK3100 users - Parrot MULTICAN is for you

If you are using CK3100 already then here is the product that will help you to augment your driving experience. Actually Parrot MULTICAN is a steering wheel mounted control kit that is fixed onto the existing steering wheel of your car to control your Parrot Bluetooth® hands-free car kit.

Thanks god! There is no additional part to install. its just only steering wheel control buttons which are used both for the car receiver and the Parrot car kit without any interference.

What the Parrot MULTICAN kit does?

  • Interface keeps controlling the auto-radio from the steering wheel.
  • Moreover, if the steering wheel doesn’t have enough buttons, the Parrot MULTICAN uses a specific combination of buttons to compensate for the missing ones.
  • Using the MULTICAN with the Parrot CK3000 EVOLUTION allows removing the user interface, and getting a fully invisible Bluetooth® hands free solution.

While talking of compatibility, The Parrot MULTICAN is unbeatable as it operates with all kinds of steering wheel controls and is currently compatible with 15 car brands.

To those who don’t know about the CAN animal which is boasted a lot while talking about this product is a Controller Area Network technology for connecting and interfacing electronic control units specifically designed to protect in electromagnetically ‘tough’ environments like cars.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Seeking for integrated solution for car - Parrot RK8200 is the dude

If you are tired of carrying all those devices along with you to manage separate function in car, then what you probably need is Parrot RK8200 Bluetooth Digital Car Stereo & Hands-Free Kit. It is a miraculous array of digital and analog connections which also provides a built in Bluetooth hands-free kit with sophisticated telephony functions. Both Music and voice conversations is reflected through vehicle speakers.

As Music device - It encompass lot of utilities ranging from

  • iPod connector,
  • USB Flash drive port,
  • USB MP3 player,
  • SD card reader and
  • Line-in socket for analog sources,

The RK8200 undoubtedly throws a chunk of choices for users on how they source their digital music with above range.

We can even playback files sent from Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or player that is compatible with the Bluetooth stereo A2DP profile. A 1GB internal Flash memory is sported for storing MP3 music.

As Bluetooth hands-free kit – unprecedented

The Parrot RK8200 comes with hands-free functions that include automatic phonebook synchronization, TTS speech synthesis, automatic mute and contact display like standalone Bluetooth car-kit. it alos incorporates DCBM technology (Dynamic Choice or Best Microphone) to provide crystal-clear, fully intelligible voice conversations.

RK8200 is an integrated solution for car which also has good display which is a combination of the bright TFT screen and rotary command button that allows users to easily browse through their music library, album covers, artist's names and tracks.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wanna Control your CK3100 via steering wheel - Parrot MULTICOMM is the choice

To enhance your driving experience with parrot CK3100 installed in your car, Parrot came with steering wheel mounted control kit (for R-Ladder bus vehicles) that allows you to use your vehicles existing steering wheel mounted commands to control your Parrot CK3100 LCD Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit. This is a complete solution as through this you can control both the car receiver and the Parrot car kit without any meddling.

You need not install any more additional part as The Parrot MULTICOMM only uses the existing car’s steering wheel control buttons. There is no compatibility issue as it fine tunes very well with all kinds of R-Ladder steering wheel controls which is predominantly present in most of car brands. You can check the compatibility on parrot’s official website.

What adds to its advantage is its adaptability, if the steering wheel doesn’t have enough buttons; the Parrot MULTICOMM uses a specific combination of buttons to compensate for the missing ones.

In other words kit allows eliminating the user interface, and getting a fully invisible Bluetooth hands free solution. Parrot MULTICOMM is extremely recommended for the people seeking highest manoeuvrability.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Parrot SK4000 – motorcyclists delighted

Very often I keep hearing the complaints of people who ride 2-wheeler about the freedom lost while riding the vehicle. But the moment I saw the Parrot SK 4000 Bluetooth hands-free motorcycle kit, I started recommending it as this has been expressly designed for motorcycles. It makes task very easier and you can make and take calls, listen to FM radio or to your favorite digital music while riding your motorcycle. After all its a parrot bluetooth car kit.

The microphone is mounted on a pliable coupling which doesn’t pain your ear and the headset speakers are positioned inside the helmet to give it stability. This is a very good tool as it doesn’t comes off while riding and links automatically to your Bluetooth A2DP enabled cell phone enabling you to connect to your music player.

Remote control mounted on handlebars makes it easy to access all devices functions using the. You can even browse your phone book and initiate a phone call via the Text-to-Speech technology.

Best 4 features

  1. The Parrot SK4000 automatically synchronizes its phonebook with your cell phonebook and updates it automatically.
  2. You can listen to the FM/RDS radio in addition to hands-free calling. It sports two stunning sound effects: Stereo Widening and Virtual Super Bass, to bring your playlist alive.
  3. Remote bring perfect control at your fingertips
  4. Its adaptability to helmet is awesome
  5. The battery provides 10 hours of usage which is more than enough for motorcyclists.

Parrot SK4000 Bluetooth Hands-Free Motorcycle Kit is a pathbreaking product designed to meet the requirements of the bike riders. It makes the journey pleasant and worthwhile.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Parrot MK6000 is the first musical Bluetooth Handsfree Kit

The Parrot MK6000 is the first professionally installed Bluetooth hands-free kit out-and-out to music. It incorporates the very latest generation of signal processing with the capability of playing MP3 music files via Bluetooth. The “Parrot Beamforming” is something out of box that used for processing of signals which turns into voice clarity for drivers, while effectively reducing surrounding and background noise. It captures the music sent by your Bluetooth stereo mobile phone or MP3 player and redirects it to the vehicle’s speakers which mute automatically so your own music comes through loud and clear.

The Parrot MK6000 also features automatic synchronization function which enables automatic updation of phonebook with the contacts on your mobile phone. You simply have to call out your contacts for making a call but make sure to listen the kit first. The Parrot MK6000 is 100% Bluetooth compatible, and works with nearly every brand of mobile phones available.

It Playbacks music files from a Bluetooth stereo A2DP sourced from mobile phone, MP3 player, and so on "TTS" voice synthesis of the names in the kit's phonebook. It also owns 6-button user interface (including one scroll knob) and Multidirectional and positionable twin microphone. The Parrot MK6000 can pair upto five phones simultaneously. It has huge storage capacity of storing 8 000 contacts and can stuff it upto150 voice tags.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Parrot PMK5800 is fully featured car kit

“You name it and you have it” that’s the philosophy behind this product.

Hands-Free calling - The Parrot PMK5800 is a furbished with all possible features that you may be looking in a Bluetooth car kit. It plugs into the 12V accessory plug and pairs with your Bluetooth mobile phone thereafter speakerphone automatically connects to your phone by Bluetooth. So keep enjoying the freedom of making and taking calls without touching your phone.
Voice and music right in you car stereo - Being compact and portable is a pros of parrot PMK 5800 making it capable of delivering voice and music over the vehicle's speakers. It high-quality FM stereo transmitter transmits calls and music to the car stereo to make it heard loud and clear.

Sound quality - Parrot specialises in advanced signal processing. The Parrot PMK5800 incorporates the latest Parrot noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies. The built-in microphone is combined with a special software program that captures the voice and effectively eliminates surrounding noise making the Sound quality is flawless. This “plug & play” car kit with the noise-free clarity mostly found on a Parrot installed car kit.

Built-in voice recognition - The Parrot PMK5800 speakerphone uses Parrot proprietary voice recognition software for true hands-free calling to make it quicker and safer to access your main contacts by simply saying their names (up to 150 contacts per phone) and guess what they are dialled automatically.

Digital music files playing - play your favorite music tracks wirelessly via Bluetooth (with any Bluetooth enabled A2DP device) or with a wired connection to the PMK5800 (mini- USB cable supplied with the kit). Either way, music is transmitted to the vehicle stereo via FM radio waves and reproduced through the car speakers.

The Parrot PMK5800 is the convenient, economical way to enjoy hands-free calling and favorite music in your car. Parrot bluetooth car kits are truly commendable.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Parrot Driver Bluetooth Headset ‘Must-Have’ for drivers

With the "driving with a mobile" ban it's probably the time you look at investing in a Bluetooth headset being mobile –savvy.

The Parrot Driver Bluetooth Headset solidifies that parrot is Bluetooth-product master, a device that comes compete with car charger so the unit is not only in the car for whenever you need it, but so it’s always fully charged. It fits naturally into the auditory canal. The headset weighs a mere 14 grams and offers 5 hours' talk time on a full charge. The unit takes its power from a cigarette lighter if you're not already using it for your GPS which is a superb idea.

As for the headset, it is very light, and you won't find styling resembling to either the Jabra or Plantronics headsets. The headset features a rather bright blue light which beams out for all to see. This seems to be a mind of an over-zealous engineer. The headset itself has common prolonged design with about average size and weight. The ear-bud is inserted into the ear-canal and that is how the whole headset stays on your head. This allows it to be put on very easily with one hand, since it is expected that you are using the other one to steer the car's wheel.

It has three buttons a couple of volume keys on the bottom and top and a power key on the front side it's relatively easy to use the volume keys as you hold the headset to press them. When it comes to quality the Parrot Driver Bluetooth Headset worked very well, with no one was found complaining about sound or noise quality so far. It features a built-in Bluecore 3 processor and offers complete compatibility with all the Bluetooth® phones on the market. The Parrot Driver Headset is a wireless headset specially designed for all drivers who like the headset concept, but who are discomforted with the poor battery life offered by most of the models currently available.

Parrot MK6100 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit - Simple and intuitive

MK6100 is sober and elegant designed Bluetooth hands-free car kit with high definition OLED screen, it enables you to establish in a few seconds any phone conversations in your vehicle without touching phone, even leaving it in your pocket. Connection with your mobile is made in a completely transparent way once it is paired. Press the green button to take the call. Kit mutes the sound of the car radio automatically when call is taken.

Text to Speech lets you to access contact without even looking at the screen. The Parrot MK6100 automatically synchronizes the names and phone numbers in your mobile with its phone book. Man you can follow on your conversation in a discrete mode by switching instantaneously the communication towards your Bluetooth headset or your telephone.

The detachable screen of the Parrot MK6100 is ultimate for security. play your favourite MP3 files on the cars speakers from any Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) source: mobile phone, MP3 player. The RF remote control of Parrot MK6100 gives you the total control on the device at your fingertips.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Your Photos start breathing with parrot photo viewer

Parrot bluetooth has been focussing on new technologies and voice recognition in noisy environments since its inception. Parrot's complete assortment consists of products that fully aim at the cell phone and Bluetooth market predominantly.

To keep the flow it came up with parrot photo viewer which is a 7-inch digital photo frame that lets you transfer your pictures to the internal memory through Bluetooth.

This frame is a high-resolution LCD screen with 320 x 234 pixels and 262,144 colours; the Parrot PHOTO VIEWER is incorporated with TFT technology to guarantee you the highest level colours and sharp details.

Oh come on you can’t put LCD on your bedside table, especially with luminescent light which pains your eyes so Parrot PHOTO VIEWER takes care of this with a sensor that switches off the frame when the light level drops.

Transfer and display the photos taken with your mobile phone quickly as The Parrot PHOTO VIEWER receives stores and displays upto 100 of the very best photos on your phone or PC without the slightest cable or wire in sight. You can even change the orientation of the frame from vertical to horizontal to match with your photos.

Not only this, this modern photo viewer has been crafted with exuberant white-leaded oak and leather - in a variety of colours designed to match your home interior.