Saturday, October 25, 2008

Parrot DS1120 – especially for Audio Visual Home Environment

We have reached an arena where mobile phones are capable of sending music wirelessly via Bluetooth to the computers and other devices. This is done as long as dongle is attached to them or the Bluetooth built in. so that’s whole range of devices that could leverage benefits from a pair of Bluetooth speakers. Parrot materialises its effort in this arena by DS1120, a pair of speakers aiming to endow with a voice for your wireless audio device using parrot Bluetooth.

The Parrot DS1120 is the new wireless hi-fi stereo concept that has startling design, allowing you to set free all your favourite numbers irrespective of the source. Get advantage of your much-loved music wherever and whenever you want through Wired or wireless interface.

The Parrot DS1120 is a combination of three subsystems (B012780, B012423 and B012424). It supports A2DP Sink, AVRCP Target, SPP and FTP Server.

Setting up speakers is child play, just plug in, switch on the Bluetooth logo button and grasp your device and pair it. That's it. The speakers pair with each other automatically instead of connecting with each other. If you want you can take out the speaker grilles, revealing the bare cone beneath and the mix of matte and gloss black finish of the units performs pretty well too. The controls are touch-sensitive and the sound quality is usually good, however it distorts at high volume which is general for all speakers.

Let’s have a quick glance at the technical specification. It measures 153 x 144 x 131 mm each speaker and Weighs 950 g per speaker. The Bluetooth is v2.0 + EDR and works in the range of 10 meters and pairs with a PIN code. The Stereo hi-fi system is

Class D audio amplifier with a digital input. The Power output is of 30 W RMS. It includes Wideband driver and the frequency range is 100 Hz – 18 kHz. It has Three-button user interface with touch-sensitive keys. The Line-In socket of 3.5 mm jack and the PC software is Parrot Audio Suite asusual.

You will find Parrot Bluetooth Dongle v2.0 + EDR, a pair of speakers, two power adaptors, AC cable, Jack cable, CD audio suite and a brief manual Parrot DS1120

On the whole, these little speakers are an eye-catching, valuable package offered by Parrot Bluetooth.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Parrot DS3120 is the best combo deal of Bluetooth speaker, speakerphones and built-in FM radio

It won’t be incorrect if we The Parrot DS3120 an entertainment centre. It is yet another endeavour of parrot bluetooth that facilitate users to play music from their music players, cell phones, PCs and laptops obviously via Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) or through a USB link.

"Music is co-existent with life of most of us’ and that’s where The Parrot DS3120 becomes a centre of attraction by incorporating unique high-quality sound, astounding new features like a clock-radio and built-in screen display, all stuffed in an exceptional wireless design.

"The Parrot DS3120 has been designed to offer unmatched audio performance and provides a smooth connection to a wide range of audio sources." says Henri Seydoux, founder and CEO of Parrot.

Music streaming is normal through your mobile, but this time you need not disconnect your incoming call because you can answer it on the unit by means of the power of the 20 watt speakers. You speak into the machine to take calls and it responds to voice commands with its inbuilt microphone.

Looking at the aesthetic and craftsmanship part of it, the Parrot DS3120 measures 150 x 300 x 100 mm and Weighs 1.5 kg. Centred on the top of it is the 1.8 inch LCD. The control buttons and make on the screen selection buttons are placed below it. At the very bottom a fold-down cover is there which houses SD/MMC memory card reader, USB reader and 3.5mm line-in jack. The speakers are flat black coloured and reside in the unit itself.

Looking at the Technical Specification, the speakers are 20W and the screen is 1.8in color TFT which displays track and album details while music is on and phonebook information when answering a call. The Bluetooth is v2.0 + EDR and supports profiles A2DP, AVRCP and HSP. It works in the range of 10 meters. The battery back is bombastic of 10 hours. The Frequency range is 120 Hz – 20 kHz and the user interface is 9-button. There special settings for alarm, time, volume, calls, pairing.

The package contains DS3120, AC cable, Jack/Jack cable, USB iPod cable with a dock connector, a User guide, an Audio Suite CD and the Multimedia Guide. Overall this is very good product developed on the lines of parrot Bluetooth.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Parrot DF7220 the 7" green wireless digital photo frame

Gone are the days when we used to take photographs with our Traditional cameras and then used to capture light onto photographic film or photographic plate. And then it was costly and time-consuming affair to adorn our photo frames. But now with an advent of IT revolution we can enjoy our photos alone and also can share them with our friends on the digital photo frame. Well, the Parrot DF7220 7" wireless digital photo frame yet another miracle of Parrot Bluetooth needs to be thanked for that.

This is a trouble-free and steadfast thing. Just simply transfer your digital photos by Bluetooth, either inserting the SD/MMC card or by connecting it through mini USB cable. The fabulous frame can stuff in up to 300 photos in the internal memory. But it was a kind of most impressed by the slideshow function in which you can create your own slideshows. I did it for my family and my daughter loves it.

Briefly the frame revolves around 4 features

Universal compatibility

The Parrot DF7220 being designed in such a way receives photos both simply and speedily. The Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR connectivity ensures wireless transfer of your pictures from any Bluetooth device be it mobile phone, PC or camera. The SD/MMC slot is given for your camera's memory cards and a mini USB cable/port for easily transferring all the pictures stored on your computer.


300 photos are sufficient for an internal memory to store in. it reads both JPEG and GIF format images. The Parrot DF7220 wireless digital photo frame automatically adjusts your pictures' size or resolution, to its 7" TFT screen. This means you don’t have to forsake any bit of your precious image. The user-friendly interface lets you easily choose your favourite pictures to create your very own slideshows.

View orientation

You can use The Parrot DF7220 horizontally or vertically as per the direction of you photograph. The stored photos are rotated and resized automatically as per the position of the wireless digital photo frame.

Green and energy conservation

The device is green in a sense that it can easily be set the exact time at which it has to be switched on and off every day and even the Parrot DF7220 do it automatically itself when it gets dark. So guys stop wasting energy!

This masterpiece of parrot Bluetooth technology is a perfect gift for your beloved ones. The Parrot DF7220 consist of Mini USB cable, 4 sets of clips for customising the external frame, Mains adapter, 1 metal rod stand, Wall-mounting hook and the User guide

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hey have you heard about Parrot Bluetooth Dongle!

Parrot has line of Bluetooth devices for breaking the image as sole Car kit manufacturer. We heard about parrot Bluetooth speakers before but parrot Bluetooth dongle is something that might have gone unnoticed in the market. However I would like to grab your attention for Parrot Bluetooth dongle which is definitely without a second thought no less than other Bluetooth dongles. Let’s see what all it has.

The Parrot DONGLE enables transformation of any PC into a data and music source for all Bluetooth devices and gears. It serves as following:

Listening to music wirelessly

We all know that there is nothing more enjoyable than listening to your own playlist. The MP3 or any other format can be streamed by Bluetooth for music to the Parrot SOUND SYSTEM, Parrot BOOMBOX or Parrot PARTY. Experience the power of listening to wireless music.

Transferring photos

This latest generation Bluetooth Parrot DONGLE lets you easily transfers your most excellent photos to the Parrot PHOTO VIEWER or any other Bluetooth device in matters of second featuring a screen.

And for transferring your files

The Parrot DONGLE slots in Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR, so it allows ultra-fast file transfers without needing set of those heavy and tangling cables or irksome softwares.

Universal compatibility

The Parrot DONGLE is perfectly fine with all PCs embracing a USB 2.0 interface.

At the dimensions of 60 x 35 x 28 mm it weighs only 39g and works flawlessly in the range of 10 meters. It just requires 5 MB of free hard drive space and gels well with Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP Operating system. CD or DVD drive is essential. It is Compatible with Bluetooth v1.2 and v2.0 and the Frequency range is 2.4 GHz. 3 Mbps is the Maximum upload speed and the LED keeps updating the power on and operation status. With that it can be concluded that when it comes to Bluetooth, Parrot Bluetooth is the real hero.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Party anywhere when you have Parrot Party Bluetooth Speakers

I am music freak who always keeps and carry music everywhere I go. On Trips especially, I always take some music with me. An MP3/4 player packed with quality melodies and sounds with a decent pair of headphones can make hours of tiresome and boredom travel fly by.

But problem with me is that I prefer listen to music through a set of speakers rather than headphones. And this turns out to be my passion if I'm travelling with friends; on beach side, or staying in rented or self-owned accommodation. It’s always nice to be to have some of my own music to play in the background.

Normally, I'd take two speakers, a charger or batteries and labyrinth of cables for connecting with my MP3 player. However, that's where Parrot's Party speakers seeps in picture which endeavour to do away same task with at least of these hassles.

The first thigh which I hate is pile of cables that is very conveniently chucked to the dustbin as Parrot Bluetooth expert, so it's intrinsic to find that this unit to be Bluetooth enabled. Now you have no wires coming out from your MP3 player, as its Bluetooth enabled. I experimented it using the Samsung YP-T9 Bluetooth player, that I tested earlier this year, you can also use any A2DP Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone or laptop as well for devouring the benefits. The phone is really handy since even chunk of phones and smartphones still don't possess a standard 3.5mm headphone output.

Being from the stable Parrot Bluetooth, it's not a bolt from the blue to find that the Party works flawlessly. Just press the Bluetooth button placed on the top to connect a new device as you go through the pairing process for your player, phone or laptop. The range is undoubtfully pretty good as I managed to be connected in the range 10 metres away with my MP3 player without having the signal distortion.

And no problems even if your source is deprived of Bluetooth, the 3.5mm line-in socket can be used on the back without having to flip a switch to start it. The Parrot Party is very witty at detecting ‘live’ sources and switching over to it automatically.

And man how can I ever forget to mention my Temptation for it curviness that not only brings sensuousness to it but it make is complete with robustness, portability, and innovativeness. Measuring only 23cm length Parrot Party soundbox is entirely committed to your pleasure of all sorts, eyes and ears and is a great companion wherever you are! All thanks to Parrot Bluetooth.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Parrot CK3300 GPS Bluetooth handsfree and car kit - review

The Parrot is a renowned manufacturer of mobile phone accessories especially based on Bluetooth tedchnology.CK3300 Advanced Car Kit is yet another example of exquisiteness of Bluetooth handsfree system cum BT GPS car kit. This parrot bluetooth device lets full connection to a Mobile phone and a GPS application from the same device.


Parrot CK3000 Universal Car Kit is being sold in 35 countries act as a reference for mobile professionals. This is a first handsfree on the market with Bluetooth® wireless technology. CK3300 adds quality built-in GPS receiver to the navigation functions.


The flawless hands-free use and Superior user interface with LCD display. It works with all bluetooth® Smartphones and PDA and can be installed in any vehicle. The radio is muted automatically. The kit uses the car speakers and also has audio volume control. The audio quality is exceptional and works on Digital Signal Processing technology. It’s really interesting to see the monitors that reduce the ambient noise.

The pairing up can be done up to five devices and also includes Voice recognition dialler. Now what is more relaxing is the upgradeability of Software.

Installation and working

Parrot 3300 should be preferred with a professional guidance for installation. Because, it may become a doodler for you, it hardly takes 30 minutes for complete installation. Parrot CK3300 works extremely well an XDA, an Orange C500, and a Nokia 6310i including a number of PDAs. The BT connection takes approx 45 seconds for acquiring signals. On the handsfree mobile front, the Parrot CK3300 is excellent in comparison to the other handsfree systems. Believe me; you would never have any problems with the clarity of calls in the car. Different phones have different methods of connecting and transferring the phone books. The Parrot CK3300 supports voice commands we know that and it works fine.


The configuration option is something that sets it apart from other parrot bluetooth devices. Parrot CK3300 grant a legal way to mobile usage on the road. It is damn easy to operate once setup. And it is compatible with multiple Bluetooth devices.

Shaking with Parrot Rhythm n’Blue Bluetooth Stereo Receiver

The first time you will see this marvel, you’ll be completely dumbfounded if you’re a fan of Bluetooth technology. You don’t even mind changing the stereo deck in your automobile if you completely want to be hands free and speedy with this parrot bluetooth technology.

The stereo receiver also lets you make hands free phone calls and play MP3s, CDs, listen to the radio from one unit. It looks like any other car stereo when fixed into the dashboard. The pairing up is damn easy and five telephones can be paired to each unit using Bluetooth technology.

Installation is much difficult once you get the proper wiring harness and it might take approximately 90 minutes. You would see the detachable screen, remote control, and the keypad on the faceplate itself once installed and powered up. The menu interface is self explanatory, and pairing any mobile device and receiver works the same way as with a typical Bluetooth headset. Up to 150 voice tags can be added covering you’re your important contacts.

You will be most impressed by the Parrot Rhythm n’Blue receiver’s ability to initiate calls by voice. Each contact is setup with voice tags with locations such as home, work, or mobile. You can initiate voice tags easily by pressing the green call button on the receiver and speaking the name and location of individual.

The Radio Data System gives you information when using the radio function on the stations in your local area such as station id, artist, and song where available. You can also play self-written disc rather than the standard discs. You can burn the music to disc which is, in my opinion, a must have on today’s receivers. Each and every information is displayed on the screen.

The audio settings are very simple and offer most factory radios like treble and bass settings and fade and balance as well. Few preset equalizer settings like pop, rock, and classical are also featured to enhance sound effects. The echo cancelling microphone supported with the stereo receiver is of superb quality and picks up your voice, as well as cancels any background noise from the caller’s end giving you a crystal clear call quality.

After using the Parrot Bluetooth Rhythm n’Blue you would be thoroughly enjoying the Bluetooth marvel and would feel much safer making calls from your automobile. In sum this feature affluent receiver impart you a healthy convergence of music entertainment and Bluetooth functionality giving your another sort of ultimate experience while driving.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Parrot conference is new corporate boardrooms buddy

Corporate offices or boardrooms need the full time connectivity to all staff members so that how the concept of Conference calling and mobile phones evolve. Most offices doesn’t have fixed-line conference phone system in every meeting room as cordless conference phones are still there to serve, however they are not as good as mobile phone and Bluetooth device in giving free roaming.

The Parrot Conference is another icon of parrot bluetooth devices which looks like any ordinary conference phone in most aspects. It sports 3 integrated microphones for a 360 degree voice pickup and a 5W internal speaker for conversation with the person on other end. It includes 3 rechargeable Li-Ion batteries to support wireless communication offering up to 10 hours of talk-time.

Parrot conference can store 50 different phones in its memory and up to 6,000 contacts which can be uploaded directly using any Bluetooth enabled device, rather than programming yourself.

The Parrot Conference performs well in two key areas: setup and call quality.

Setup: Your mobile phones Bluetooth switched on and is in the range, you can be connected up and dialling in under twenty seconds, you can connect your phone either straight from the handset or from the Conference itself making your choice straight forward.

Call quality is the greatest strength of parrot which is evident in parrot conference as well. It also ensures echo cancellation and cutting Background noise very well so you can be heard even in a noisy office. The buttons are large and legibly marked; the two big mute buttons act as the ‘synchronisation’ button when pressed together.

Mobile phones are not the most cost effective solution when it comes to making long, often international, phone calls so Parrot has addressed this issue as well. The Conference comes with software CD that lets you connect to a Bluetooth enabled PC with Skype. Same functionality, but a lot cheaper, thanks to VoIP.

Parrot Conference is a fair deal in at £148 price tag as compared to a normal standalone kit. The straightforward Bluetooth synchronisation system parrot Bluetooth USP.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Parrot Easydrive: ultimate Bluetooth car kit with superb sound quality

The Parrot EasyDrive, is a winner when it comes to complying the criteria for being a perfect Bluetooth Car kit. The easy handling, voice recognition system and verbal prompts to compensate the lack of a text display are reasonable good. You won’t be able to resist getting impressed by the quality of sound while driving because of clarity and loudness. The EasyDrive is the best choice if simple plug-and-drive solution is what you're looking for.

The Parrot EasyDrive is divided into two main parts, the audio/speaker portion and the control pad. The primary controls for the EasyDrive are actually mounted on an attractive control pad rather on the speaker horn. The control pad comprises a "turn and click" knob and two flanking buttons with red and green companion LEDs for control. All system menus are navigated through voice prompts as it lacks visual display. You can also use voice commands to operate your cell phone's functions kie hang up or answering the call, so you will not be diverted from your focus on road.

You can access all the features by simply Rotating and clicking the main knob that include storing numbers for voice dialling (up to 200 names), volume control and lot other functionalities are all driven by the one knob and two push buttons. No single control is dedicated to a particular task, depending on the current state of the device it manages. The EasyDrive's exceptional performance as a wireless speakerphone for your mobile is unbeatable with the things that matter: volume, clarity, and ease of connection.

Setting up the Parrot EasyDrive is damn easy; just plug the audio horn into your car's cigarette lighter/power port which includes the speaker, amplifier, and an integrated microphone. The first time plugging will prompt you by a female voice instructing for pairing. It takes seconds to pair up which is better-than-average compared to factory-installed Bluetooth hands-free systems. Although the EasyDrive actively connects to one device at a time, but it can pair with up to five different phones. So the bottom-line is that with brilliant audio quality, affordable price, compatibly and easy setup, the Parrot EasyDrive is a strong contender for the person who wants a Bluetooth hands-free system for their car.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Parrot Bluetooth Dongle – Relish wireless transfer from your PC to the fullest

We have been discussing enough of parrot bluetooth car kits but how about parrot Bluetooth dongle? Yes this manufacturer has not only been a master in the car kits and headsets area but has been exploring some of the excellent and wide Bluetooth Dongles too.

The parrot dongle in the picture above is a multipurpose USB Class 2.0 dongle + EDR that allow quick and easy data transfer from your PC or laptop to other Bluetooth devices. Without any cables and software, you can transfer fast data with the help of this compact sized dongle.

You can hear your favourite music and transfer numerous photos within a matter of time with this parrot Bluetooth 2.0 dongle. Listening to your play list in MP3 or any other format by streaming the music by Bluetooth to the Parrot Sound System is an outstanding experience. And how about instant transferring of your best photos to the Parrot Photo Viewer or any other Bluetooth device featuring a screen.

Here are some of the important technical specifications of this excellent Bluetooth Dongle that you must be aware of.

  • Compatible with all Bluetooth v1.2 and v2.0 devices.
  • Maximum upload speed is 3 Mbps which is quite decent.
  • Frequency range is 2.4 GHz.
  • Maximum range is 10 metres.
  • LED when power is on and in operation.
  • Measuring 60mm x 35mm x 28mm and weighing just 39g.
  • Works with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0* interfaces.
  • Powered by the PC's USB port (5V).
  • Note that only a USB 2.0 interface will provide the maximum transfer speed.

Universal compatibility is one another good feature that is Parrot Dongle works with all PCs comprising a USB 2.0 interface.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Parrot Boombox cues the digital music age

Bluetooth is raison d’etre of Parrot being renowned globally for its assortment of Bluetooth headsets and hands free kits. The company has increasingly discovered ways to stem the parrot bluetooth concepts into other areas such as photo viewers and speakers obviously on the principle of Bluetooth.

Although the forays haven’t brought much pleasant results so far, but Parrot is riding unrestrained on its path with trying again with its BOOMBOX. The BOOMBOX is capitalised presumably for extra BOOM! The design resembles the Apple iPod Hi-Fi reviewed almost a year ago, however they both saperates tremendously when it comes to feature and other qualities.


The Parrot BOOMBOX looks classic being made of the 19 mm thick wooden cabinet lacquered and polished in black colour to give an eternal semi-matt finish. The Parrot BOOMBOX is highly portable and you can carry it anywhere until you put on the music. It Measures 430 x 225 x 150mm and weighs at 5.6 kg.

The magnetically attached guard protects the front, on removing it you will get to see the three drivers – two wideband, one sub each surrounded by shiny black plastic coating. The BOOMBOX looks considerably better and pleasant to eyes with the symmetrical design.


The Parrot BOOMBOX optimises the digital sound to deliver high performance and guarantees high-level sound irrespective of situation. Two wideband drivers perfectly refine the high and medium frequencies, to that woofer induces the dynamic feel to the bass frequencies.

You can source music from any Bluetooth A2DP stereo source like A2DP MP3 mobile phone, a PC with Bluetooth A2DP functionality or MP3 player with a Bluetooth DONGLE.

Analogue audio devices connected to the RCA jack (CD players, tuners, etc.) are also accepted by The Parrot BOOMBOX that automatically detects the music source.


The Parrot BOOMBOX is designed to listen to any type of music with the virtue of robust mechanical design and electronic power. It reproduces the sharpest tone of audio music enabling you enjoy the rhythm of the wildest sounds. The digital technology achieves an unparallel level of precision eliminating background noises and reducing distortion at high volume. You got to enter the digital music age with parrot Bluetooth.

Parrot MKi9200 versus MKi9100

The MKi system is a unique range of Bluetooth hands-free car merging the latest communication technologies with features and services dedicated to music. The MKi enables you to establish any phone conversations in a few seconds once you have paired up without needing to touch the phone.

The MKi car kits incorporate all the user-independent voice recognition and voice synthesis systems vividly easing the way of using them in every situation. Also all types of enhancements for any type of music are supplied with each MKi hands-free kit for iPod, iPhone, iTouch, USB keys, USB MP3 players, Bluetooth Stereo devices, CD players, MiniDisc.

Here is the basic difference between MKi9200 and MKi9100. Talking of the display Display, MKi9100 has blue OLED screen in 2 lines while to that MKi9200 has Color TFT 2.4’ dot matrix display. The Dimensions of the screen in case of MKi9100 is 82 x 32 x 14 mm and 3.20 x 1.25 x 0.55 in. MKi9200 has screen measuring 72 x 57 x 12 mm and 2.83 x 2.24 x 0.47 in. Turning on to the display information MKi 9100 displays Phone status ,Phonebook, Menus & Settings and Small playlist while to that MKi9200 screen can display Phone status, Phonebook, Wallpaper, Caller picture ID, Menus & Settings, Full playlist and LP Covers

Both of them have almost same caller identification voicing and displaying name and number, however in case of MKi9200 ID can also be spoken and displayed. Rest of the features are same like Microprocessor Parrot5 (32 bits) at 208MHz And Flash Memory of 32 Mbits – RAM = 16Mbits. Bluetooth is v2.0 + EDR in both the parrot MKis with similar audio quality. Both the MKi9100 and MKi9200 promises to be fully dedicated to conversation and music in the car.

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