Sunday, August 24, 2008

Manoeuvre your car non-stop with Parrot 3200

We all know it is legally restricted to use your phone car when driving; also it is unsafe for you. To combat this problem what people need is a car kit for there phone and this one is the Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR.

Because it uses the best current technology for connecting to your phone wirelessly and that’s Bluetooth, it will respond to voice commands and sync with your phone putting your life at ease and safer with hands-free.

It will use the sound system in your car at the time of phone call, so your can hear them in all round sound.

The 3200 LS-Color can display a photo of the person calling, so that you can see whose calling in easiest way and take the call on your discretion …nice you can stop the call right away when it’s the mother-in-law calling.

The first Bluetooth hands-free car kit with a color LCD it’s a must when traveling. Being a proud owner your can garner following utilities:

  • Adjustable, high-resolution, high-contrast LCD colour screen for photo images.
    Colour LCD screen runs at 160x128 pixels for screen image as your mobile phone does.
  • Mobile phone address book can be downloaded to the car kit.
    Audio through vehicle speakers automatically mutes the radio or CD player.
  • Display recent calls through caller ID.
  • Voice command for speed dialling and other functions.
  • Visual display of network signal strength.
  • Quality audio (Digital Signal Processing).
  • Recognises up to 5 different mobile phones.
  • Universal compatibility with most Bluetooth phones regardless of network or manufacturer.
  • No cradle, wire, or headset battery to charge.
  • Upgradeable software.
  • Available in seven languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese).

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