Saturday, August 23, 2008

Parrot Minikit Bluetooth car kit-certainly not a gimmick!

The Parrot MINIKIT is a self-directed Bluetooth® hands-free kit with in-built battery. It harmonizes the very latest generation of signal processing algorithms for crystal-clear conversations. The Parrot MINIKIT can be installed to the sun visor and can easily slip into your pocket for use at home or the office because of being light weighted a mere 104g and petite in size. It has its own battery, offering 10 hours’ talk time and over a week on standby.

Talk on the phone while driving and enjoy quality sound for conversation — while keeping your eyes on the road. You can also use the MINIKIT for talking on the phone at home while doing tasks which require you top be ambidextrous, such as preparing meals or using the computer.

MINIKIT portable speakerphone can be taken with you in any vehicle. Clip it to your car's visor and use the 3-button keypad to dial, hang up, or change the volume coming through the MINIKIT's 2-watt powered speaker.

It is designed to simplify your calls via the user-defined voiceprints. It uses its own voice recognition feature, thereby avoiding any need to handle your cell phone in the car for greater safety. With parrot bluetooth car kits it becomes as easier as this one! The Parrot MINIKIT again tested in first place with a score of 2.4. This score reflects the Parrot MINIKIT's superiority in terms of quality, clarity and intelligibility of the listener's voice, transmitted by the Parrot MINIKIT and its speaker. These are basic and determining criteria for the use of a hands free kit whilst in the car on TMOS RCV parameter. According to Independent study oct 2006

If justification given above is not enough then here is more for you

  • As Parrot MINIKIT hands-free kit is 100% Bluetooth compatible hence if works with almost all Bluetooth mobile phones.
  • 2W Hi-Fi speaker ensures crystal clear sound quality
  • The device can pair up to five phones
  • It takes only three hours maximum to get it recharged
  • You can go on talking with it upto 10 hrs
  • It operated on Standby time of over 275 hours

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