Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why Parrot CK3000 Evolution is a distinct product?

Bluetooth hands-free systems are very often talked about that allows you make calls without taking your hands off the wheel. In most cases, these systems still require some efforts from driver’s end to answer, or end calls by pressing buttons on the car's steering wheel or on a central control panel.

Browsing and selecting contacts on these systems usually requires scrolling through a list of names before making a call. The Parrot CK3000 Evolution lets you make calls, select contacts, and hang up all without inching a finger. CK3000 Evolution can also differentiate between cell, office, and home numbers, and can identify incoming callers by name.

Although, it does take some time to initially set up, this simple device is one of the most efficient aftermarket calling interfaces ever seen.

Firstly it looks that the device is going to offer severely limited functionality because of the positioning of the buttons, but thanks to the green button and red button for their standard functions. The control module is so small that it can be easily attached almost anywhere in the cabin as can its external microphone. The device can be hooked up without an ISO plug, but this requires the complex task of connecting each of the device's wires in turn to the stereo.

Talking of performance and features, The CK3000 Evolution lets drivers make, receive, and end calls via a Bluetooth-connected cell phone either manually or using voice commands. Handset can be connected to the device by simply searching for the Parrot device on the phone and entering a passcode. When connected, drivers can dial numbers using the handset, after which the call is diverted to the CK3000 Evolution with the audio routed through the car's speakers and all outgoing sound transmitted via the system's external mic.

The CK3000 Evolution epitomizes an excellent voice-command system for making calls without having to touch a button. Drivers need to record voice tags for each of the contacts in a connected cell phone.

To sum up The CK3000 Evolution is an essential device for making hands-free calls on the road. Considering its price tag of about £ 50, it offers an attractive alternative to factory-installed systems for owners of new cars, as well as a cost-effective means of upgrading older cars with an increasingly necessary safety technology.

The CK3000 Evolution's intuitive control interface and impressive voice command options make it an excellent alternative to Bluetooth headsets and chunkier standalone speakerphones.

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