Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Your Photos start breathing with parrot photo viewer

Parrot bluetooth has been focussing on new technologies and voice recognition in noisy environments since its inception. Parrot's complete assortment consists of products that fully aim at the cell phone and Bluetooth market predominantly.

To keep the flow it came up with parrot photo viewer which is a 7-inch digital photo frame that lets you transfer your pictures to the internal memory through Bluetooth.

This frame is a high-resolution LCD screen with 320 x 234 pixels and 262,144 colours; the Parrot PHOTO VIEWER is incorporated with TFT technology to guarantee you the highest level colours and sharp details.

Oh come on you can’t put LCD on your bedside table, especially with luminescent light which pains your eyes so Parrot PHOTO VIEWER takes care of this with a sensor that switches off the frame when the light level drops.

Transfer and display the photos taken with your mobile phone quickly as The Parrot PHOTO VIEWER receives stores and displays upto 100 of the very best photos on your phone or PC without the slightest cable or wire in sight. You can even change the orientation of the frame from vertical to horizontal to match with your photos.

Not only this, this modern photo viewer has been crafted with exuberant white-leaded oak and leather - in a variety of colours designed to match your home interior.

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