Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shaking with Parrot Rhythm n’Blue Bluetooth Stereo Receiver

The first time you will see this marvel, you’ll be completely dumbfounded if you’re a fan of Bluetooth technology. You don’t even mind changing the stereo deck in your automobile if you completely want to be hands free and speedy with this parrot bluetooth technology.

The stereo receiver also lets you make hands free phone calls and play MP3s, CDs, listen to the radio from one unit. It looks like any other car stereo when fixed into the dashboard. The pairing up is damn easy and five telephones can be paired to each unit using Bluetooth technology.

Installation is much difficult once you get the proper wiring harness and it might take approximately 90 minutes. You would see the detachable screen, remote control, and the keypad on the faceplate itself once installed and powered up. The menu interface is self explanatory, and pairing any mobile device and receiver works the same way as with a typical Bluetooth headset. Up to 150 voice tags can be added covering you’re your important contacts.

You will be most impressed by the Parrot Rhythm n’Blue receiver’s ability to initiate calls by voice. Each contact is setup with voice tags with locations such as home, work, or mobile. You can initiate voice tags easily by pressing the green call button on the receiver and speaking the name and location of individual.

The Radio Data System gives you information when using the radio function on the stations in your local area such as station id, artist, and song where available. You can also play self-written disc rather than the standard discs. You can burn the music to disc which is, in my opinion, a must have on today’s receivers. Each and every information is displayed on the screen.

The audio settings are very simple and offer most factory radios like treble and bass settings and fade and balance as well. Few preset equalizer settings like pop, rock, and classical are also featured to enhance sound effects. The echo cancelling microphone supported with the stereo receiver is of superb quality and picks up your voice, as well as cancels any background noise from the caller’s end giving you a crystal clear call quality.

After using the Parrot Bluetooth Rhythm n’Blue you would be thoroughly enjoying the Bluetooth marvel and would feel much safer making calls from your automobile. In sum this feature affluent receiver impart you a healthy convergence of music entertainment and Bluetooth functionality giving your another sort of ultimate experience while driving.

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