Monday, October 6, 2008

Parrot conference is new corporate boardrooms buddy

Corporate offices or boardrooms need the full time connectivity to all staff members so that how the concept of Conference calling and mobile phones evolve. Most offices doesn’t have fixed-line conference phone system in every meeting room as cordless conference phones are still there to serve, however they are not as good as mobile phone and Bluetooth device in giving free roaming.

The Parrot Conference is another icon of parrot bluetooth devices which looks like any ordinary conference phone in most aspects. It sports 3 integrated microphones for a 360 degree voice pickup and a 5W internal speaker for conversation with the person on other end. It includes 3 rechargeable Li-Ion batteries to support wireless communication offering up to 10 hours of talk-time.

Parrot conference can store 50 different phones in its memory and up to 6,000 contacts which can be uploaded directly using any Bluetooth enabled device, rather than programming yourself.

The Parrot Conference performs well in two key areas: setup and call quality.

Setup: Your mobile phones Bluetooth switched on and is in the range, you can be connected up and dialling in under twenty seconds, you can connect your phone either straight from the handset or from the Conference itself making your choice straight forward.

Call quality is the greatest strength of parrot which is evident in parrot conference as well. It also ensures echo cancellation and cutting Background noise very well so you can be heard even in a noisy office. The buttons are large and legibly marked; the two big mute buttons act as the ‘synchronisation’ button when pressed together.

Mobile phones are not the most cost effective solution when it comes to making long, often international, phone calls so Parrot has addressed this issue as well. The Conference comes with software CD that lets you connect to a Bluetooth enabled PC with Skype. Same functionality, but a lot cheaper, thanks to VoIP.

Parrot Conference is a fair deal in at £148 price tag as compared to a normal standalone kit. The straightforward Bluetooth synchronisation system parrot Bluetooth USP.

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