Friday, October 3, 2008

Parrot Easydrive: ultimate Bluetooth car kit with superb sound quality

The Parrot EasyDrive, is a winner when it comes to complying the criteria for being a perfect Bluetooth Car kit. The easy handling, voice recognition system and verbal prompts to compensate the lack of a text display are reasonable good. You won’t be able to resist getting impressed by the quality of sound while driving because of clarity and loudness. The EasyDrive is the best choice if simple plug-and-drive solution is what you're looking for.

The Parrot EasyDrive is divided into two main parts, the audio/speaker portion and the control pad. The primary controls for the EasyDrive are actually mounted on an attractive control pad rather on the speaker horn. The control pad comprises a "turn and click" knob and two flanking buttons with red and green companion LEDs for control. All system menus are navigated through voice prompts as it lacks visual display. You can also use voice commands to operate your cell phone's functions kie hang up or answering the call, so you will not be diverted from your focus on road.

You can access all the features by simply Rotating and clicking the main knob that include storing numbers for voice dialling (up to 200 names), volume control and lot other functionalities are all driven by the one knob and two push buttons. No single control is dedicated to a particular task, depending on the current state of the device it manages. The EasyDrive's exceptional performance as a wireless speakerphone for your mobile is unbeatable with the things that matter: volume, clarity, and ease of connection.

Setting up the Parrot EasyDrive is damn easy; just plug the audio horn into your car's cigarette lighter/power port which includes the speaker, amplifier, and an integrated microphone. The first time plugging will prompt you by a female voice instructing for pairing. It takes seconds to pair up which is better-than-average compared to factory-installed Bluetooth hands-free systems. Although the EasyDrive actively connects to one device at a time, but it can pair with up to five different phones. So the bottom-line is that with brilliant audio quality, affordable price, compatibly and easy setup, the Parrot EasyDrive is a strong contender for the person who wants a Bluetooth hands-free system for their car.


Adelante4 said...

Parrot looks like a cool solution. I wonder how it compares with top of the line nokie and samsung models though?

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Adelante4 said...

Bought it. It's awesome

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