Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Party anywhere when you have Parrot Party Bluetooth Speakers

I am music freak who always keeps and carry music everywhere I go. On Trips especially, I always take some music with me. An MP3/4 player packed with quality melodies and sounds with a decent pair of headphones can make hours of tiresome and boredom travel fly by.

But problem with me is that I prefer listen to music through a set of speakers rather than headphones. And this turns out to be my passion if I'm travelling with friends; on beach side, or staying in rented or self-owned accommodation. It’s always nice to be to have some of my own music to play in the background.

Normally, I'd take two speakers, a charger or batteries and labyrinth of cables for connecting with my MP3 player. However, that's where Parrot's Party speakers seeps in picture which endeavour to do away same task with at least of these hassles.

The first thigh which I hate is pile of cables that is very conveniently chucked to the dustbin as Parrot Bluetooth expert, so it's intrinsic to find that this unit to be Bluetooth enabled. Now you have no wires coming out from your MP3 player, as its Bluetooth enabled. I experimented it using the Samsung YP-T9 Bluetooth player, that I tested earlier this year, you can also use any A2DP Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone or laptop as well for devouring the benefits. The phone is really handy since even chunk of phones and smartphones still don't possess a standard 3.5mm headphone output.

Being from the stable Parrot Bluetooth, it's not a bolt from the blue to find that the Party works flawlessly. Just press the Bluetooth button placed on the top to connect a new device as you go through the pairing process for your player, phone or laptop. The range is undoubtfully pretty good as I managed to be connected in the range 10 metres away with my MP3 player without having the signal distortion.

And no problems even if your source is deprived of Bluetooth, the 3.5mm line-in socket can be used on the back without having to flip a switch to start it. The Parrot Party is very witty at detecting ‘live’ sources and switching over to it automatically.

And man how can I ever forget to mention my Temptation for it curviness that not only brings sensuousness to it but it make is complete with robustness, portability, and innovativeness. Measuring only 23cm length Parrot Party soundbox is entirely committed to your pleasure of all sorts, eyes and ears and is a great companion wherever you are! All thanks to Parrot Bluetooth.

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