Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Parrot CK3300 GPS Bluetooth handsfree and car kit - review

The Parrot is a renowned manufacturer of mobile phone accessories especially based on Bluetooth tedchnology.CK3300 Advanced Car Kit is yet another example of exquisiteness of Bluetooth handsfree system cum BT GPS car kit. This parrot bluetooth device lets full connection to a Mobile phone and a GPS application from the same device.


Parrot CK3000 Universal Car Kit is being sold in 35 countries act as a reference for mobile professionals. This is a first handsfree on the market with Bluetooth® wireless technology. CK3300 adds quality built-in GPS receiver to the navigation functions.


The flawless hands-free use and Superior user interface with LCD display. It works with all bluetooth® Smartphones and PDA and can be installed in any vehicle. The radio is muted automatically. The kit uses the car speakers and also has audio volume control. The audio quality is exceptional and works on Digital Signal Processing technology. It’s really interesting to see the monitors that reduce the ambient noise.

The pairing up can be done up to five devices and also includes Voice recognition dialler. Now what is more relaxing is the upgradeability of Software.

Installation and working

Parrot 3300 should be preferred with a professional guidance for installation. Because, it may become a doodler for you, it hardly takes 30 minutes for complete installation. Parrot CK3300 works extremely well an XDA, an Orange C500, and a Nokia 6310i including a number of PDAs. The BT connection takes approx 45 seconds for acquiring signals. On the handsfree mobile front, the Parrot CK3300 is excellent in comparison to the other handsfree systems. Believe me; you would never have any problems with the clarity of calls in the car. Different phones have different methods of connecting and transferring the phone books. The Parrot CK3300 supports voice commands we know that and it works fine.


The configuration option is something that sets it apart from other parrot bluetooth devices. Parrot CK3300 grant a legal way to mobile usage on the road. It is damn easy to operate once setup. And it is compatible with multiple Bluetooth devices.


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Great review thankyou 10/10 from http://www.workonlineathome.co.uk

raj kumar said...

Unlike a Bluetooth headset that either attaches to your ear or can be worn like headphones, a Bluetooth car kit is an actual device that is attached to the driver's side visor with a metal clip or strong magnet.Car Bluetooth Hands Free

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alfred said...

Useful for many car owners. I think a lot of people will try to use these device. Anyway a nice review for the gadget.