Friday, October 17, 2008

Parrot DF7220 the 7" green wireless digital photo frame

Gone are the days when we used to take photographs with our Traditional cameras and then used to capture light onto photographic film or photographic plate. And then it was costly and time-consuming affair to adorn our photo frames. But now with an advent of IT revolution we can enjoy our photos alone and also can share them with our friends on the digital photo frame. Well, the Parrot DF7220 7" wireless digital photo frame yet another miracle of Parrot Bluetooth needs to be thanked for that.

This is a trouble-free and steadfast thing. Just simply transfer your digital photos by Bluetooth, either inserting the SD/MMC card or by connecting it through mini USB cable. The fabulous frame can stuff in up to 300 photos in the internal memory. But it was a kind of most impressed by the slideshow function in which you can create your own slideshows. I did it for my family and my daughter loves it.

Briefly the frame revolves around 4 features

Universal compatibility

The Parrot DF7220 being designed in such a way receives photos both simply and speedily. The Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR connectivity ensures wireless transfer of your pictures from any Bluetooth device be it mobile phone, PC or camera. The SD/MMC slot is given for your camera's memory cards and a mini USB cable/port for easily transferring all the pictures stored on your computer.


300 photos are sufficient for an internal memory to store in. it reads both JPEG and GIF format images. The Parrot DF7220 wireless digital photo frame automatically adjusts your pictures' size or resolution, to its 7" TFT screen. This means you don’t have to forsake any bit of your precious image. The user-friendly interface lets you easily choose your favourite pictures to create your very own slideshows.

View orientation

You can use The Parrot DF7220 horizontally or vertically as per the direction of you photograph. The stored photos are rotated and resized automatically as per the position of the wireless digital photo frame.

Green and energy conservation

The device is green in a sense that it can easily be set the exact time at which it has to be switched on and off every day and even the Parrot DF7220 do it automatically itself when it gets dark. So guys stop wasting energy!

This masterpiece of parrot Bluetooth technology is a perfect gift for your beloved ones. The Parrot DF7220 consist of Mini USB cable, 4 sets of clips for customising the external frame, Mains adapter, 1 metal rod stand, Wall-mounting hook and the User guide

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