Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Parrot Boombox cues the digital music age

Bluetooth is raison d’etre of Parrot being renowned globally for its assortment of Bluetooth headsets and hands free kits. The company has increasingly discovered ways to stem the parrot bluetooth concepts into other areas such as photo viewers and speakers obviously on the principle of Bluetooth.

Although the forays haven’t brought much pleasant results so far, but Parrot is riding unrestrained on its path with trying again with its BOOMBOX. The BOOMBOX is capitalised presumably for extra BOOM! The design resembles the Apple iPod Hi-Fi reviewed almost a year ago, however they both saperates tremendously when it comes to feature and other qualities.


The Parrot BOOMBOX looks classic being made of the 19 mm thick wooden cabinet lacquered and polished in black colour to give an eternal semi-matt finish. The Parrot BOOMBOX is highly portable and you can carry it anywhere until you put on the music. It Measures 430 x 225 x 150mm and weighs at 5.6 kg.

The magnetically attached guard protects the front, on removing it you will get to see the three drivers – two wideband, one sub each surrounded by shiny black plastic coating. The BOOMBOX looks considerably better and pleasant to eyes with the symmetrical design.


The Parrot BOOMBOX optimises the digital sound to deliver high performance and guarantees high-level sound irrespective of situation. Two wideband drivers perfectly refine the high and medium frequencies, to that woofer induces the dynamic feel to the bass frequencies.

You can source music from any Bluetooth A2DP stereo source like A2DP MP3 mobile phone, a PC with Bluetooth A2DP functionality or MP3 player with a Bluetooth DONGLE.

Analogue audio devices connected to the RCA jack (CD players, tuners, etc.) are also accepted by The Parrot BOOMBOX that automatically detects the music source.


The Parrot BOOMBOX is designed to listen to any type of music with the virtue of robust mechanical design and electronic power. It reproduces the sharpest tone of audio music enabling you enjoy the rhythm of the wildest sounds. The digital technology achieves an unparallel level of precision eliminating background noises and reducing distortion at high volume. You got to enter the digital music age with parrot Bluetooth.

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