Friday, September 12, 2008

Seeking for integrated solution for car - Parrot RK8200 is the dude

If you are tired of carrying all those devices along with you to manage separate function in car, then what you probably need is Parrot RK8200 Bluetooth Digital Car Stereo & Hands-Free Kit. It is a miraculous array of digital and analog connections which also provides a built in Bluetooth hands-free kit with sophisticated telephony functions. Both Music and voice conversations is reflected through vehicle speakers.

As Music device - It encompass lot of utilities ranging from

  • iPod connector,
  • USB Flash drive port,
  • USB MP3 player,
  • SD card reader and
  • Line-in socket for analog sources,

The RK8200 undoubtedly throws a chunk of choices for users on how they source their digital music with above range.

We can even playback files sent from Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or player that is compatible with the Bluetooth stereo A2DP profile. A 1GB internal Flash memory is sported for storing MP3 music.

As Bluetooth hands-free kit – unprecedented

The Parrot RK8200 comes with hands-free functions that include automatic phonebook synchronization, TTS speech synthesis, automatic mute and contact display like standalone Bluetooth car-kit. it alos incorporates DCBM technology (Dynamic Choice or Best Microphone) to provide crystal-clear, fully intelligible voice conversations.

RK8200 is an integrated solution for car which also has good display which is a combination of the bright TFT screen and rotary command button that allows users to easily browse through their music library, album covers, artist's names and tracks.

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