Friday, September 26, 2008

Parrot CK3200 colour Bluetooth car kit definitely is value for money

Turn –ons

The Parrot 3200 LS Color's customisable color display combined with its spontaneous controls makes it programmable with ease.

Freedom of hands-free calling through voice recognition system

The photo-tagging feature for phone book contacts is very much appreciated.


Lack of option for dialling numbers by voice.

Programming in voice tags for contacts may be appeared at time consuming.

In nut shell

The Parrot 3200 LS Color not only mingles everything that you may wish for but also it is stuffed with the features that may delight you.

The simple control interface and a great voice recognition system is really off-beat with commendable color display concluding it to attractive, easy to use hands-free calling device. After all this is what parrot bluetooth is all about!

The aesthetics

Parrot CK3200 witnesses the departure from the CK-series design with new square shape, even though the basic control interface of the CK3000 and CK3100 is retained with its two buttons and rotary dial. The square shape of the screen increases the functionality by displaying up to three lines of contacts at a time. The 160x128-pixel TFT screen can display up to 262,144 colours.


Parrot CK3200 is a study and macho when it comes to functionality. The core features are inherited from CK3000 and CK3100 evolution. The pairing is straightforward and simple. The contacts from phonebook are automatically transferred to the 3200 LS Colour if Bluetooth enabled. Also call log records are transferred to the phone automatically. The square screen lets it display an intuitive numerical keypad for dialling in preference to linear keypad of CK3100. Parrot 3200 LS Colour automatically mutes the car's stereo with a choice of four ringtones for incoming calls which can be auto-answered as well.

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