Thursday, September 4, 2008

Parrot MK6100 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit - Simple and intuitive

MK6100 is sober and elegant designed Bluetooth hands-free car kit with high definition OLED screen, it enables you to establish in a few seconds any phone conversations in your vehicle without touching phone, even leaving it in your pocket. Connection with your mobile is made in a completely transparent way once it is paired. Press the green button to take the call. Kit mutes the sound of the car radio automatically when call is taken.

Text to Speech lets you to access contact without even looking at the screen. The Parrot MK6100 automatically synchronizes the names and phone numbers in your mobile with its phone book. Man you can follow on your conversation in a discrete mode by switching instantaneously the communication towards your Bluetooth headset or your telephone.

The detachable screen of the Parrot MK6100 is ultimate for security. play your favourite MP3 files on the cars speakers from any Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) source: mobile phone, MP3 player. The RF remote control of Parrot MK6100 gives you the total control on the device at your fingertips.


Hands Free Driving said...

You can buy your MK6100 and Plug an Play Harness from

Doug said...

I installed the MK6100 in my Ford Explorer. After spending an additional $60 for a wiring harness to make it compatible with my radio, it installed easily.

Now the rest of the story. The wireless remote control only works occasionally. If it is not working, you will not be able to make a call. A new battery does not solve the problem. The mic is in the display. That mic is pretty much useless as you won't be heard even when shouting. They know that it is a problem because the kit comes with a separate mic that can be installed closer to your mouth. I installed it on the sun visor so that it is within 6 inches of my mouth. I still get complaints that the other party can't hear me. Talking loudly doesn't seem to help.

If you have an iPhone there are additional problems. First, the firmware must be downgraded to an earlier version to be compatible with the phone. In that downgrade you lose some of the functionality of the system. If the remote happens to be working and you touch the green "answer" button, the MK6100 will dial the last number that you called on the phone. If that is not what you intended to do, you cannot stop the call with the MK6100. You must stop the call with the phone itself. Since the remote is attached to the steering wheel, I occasionally touch it. I have had to make several apologies.

I consider this unit a waste of money. I will remove it from my car and search for something that is usable.

Hands Free Driving said...

Salespeople may tell you that Bluetooth earpieces are the low-cost solution to hands-free calling -- but a closer look reveals these claims to be misleading.

Here is a list of disadvantages that the earpiece manufacturers and resellers don't want you to know about:

Nearly all Bluetooth earpieces have an internal battery that can't be removed. These batteries have a short life of approximately 300 charges, or approximately one earpiece per year (less if you recharge every day). And prices range from $20-$300, averaging about $50.
The earpiece can't be used while it is charging.
The earpieces don't fit everyone comfortably. One size definitely doesn't fit all; yet you cannot try the earpiece before you buy.
The earpieces are uncomfortable for those who wear glasses or sunglasses.
For reasons of hygiene, the earpieces should not be shared.
Earpieces are easily lost, stolen, or broken.
Bluetooth headsets, on average, last just 26 hours when not in use and only 2 to 3 hours when talking.
The life of the battery starts to decline once you begin to use it, hence the talk time and standby time decreases.

Many users purchase more than one Bluetooth earpiece, then finally give up and buy an integrated Bluetooth car kit.
Potential harmful effects from radiation through the earpiece.
Most people find the earpieces uncomfortable and ugly, and/or experience lousy audio quality.
Many people will buy the earpiece believing it is more cost effective, ultimately they end up buying an integrated car kit because they just find it cumbersome to use.

Dirk said...

BlackBerry users beware! I just had this unit installed and only AFTER the install was finished did I learn that the Parrot MK-6100 will not stay connected to a BB Curve 8330 (and other BB's) unless the BB is running the very latest device software version 4.5. My BB is through Sprint and Sprint's currently supported device software is version 4.3. Same is true for most other US carriers. To get device software version 4.5, you have to get it in a very clandestine way through a 3rd party source and your wireless carrier will not support it. Once version 4.5 is loaded on the BB, the Parrot unit will work fine and stay connected. But alas, there's now a MAJOR new problem - corporate email. If you get work email via your company's BB Enterprise Server, guess what? They are all still running older enterprise software that CAN NOT CONNECT to device software 4.5!! Yup ... in order to get the Parraot MK-6100 to work, you will not be able to get your work email! Needless to say, that option is unacceptable and this unit will be uninstalled and returned. Can't wait to spend another 2 hours at the store waiting for them to rip this pile of garbage out of my new car.

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