Sunday, September 7, 2008

Parrot MK6000 is the first musical Bluetooth Handsfree Kit

The Parrot MK6000 is the first professionally installed Bluetooth hands-free kit out-and-out to music. It incorporates the very latest generation of signal processing with the capability of playing MP3 music files via Bluetooth. The “Parrot Beamforming” is something out of box that used for processing of signals which turns into voice clarity for drivers, while effectively reducing surrounding and background noise. It captures the music sent by your Bluetooth stereo mobile phone or MP3 player and redirects it to the vehicle’s speakers which mute automatically so your own music comes through loud and clear.

The Parrot MK6000 also features automatic synchronization function which enables automatic updation of phonebook with the contacts on your mobile phone. You simply have to call out your contacts for making a call but make sure to listen the kit first. The Parrot MK6000 is 100% Bluetooth compatible, and works with nearly every brand of mobile phones available.

It Playbacks music files from a Bluetooth stereo A2DP sourced from mobile phone, MP3 player, and so on "TTS" voice synthesis of the names in the kit's phonebook. It also owns 6-button user interface (including one scroll knob) and Multidirectional and positionable twin microphone. The Parrot MK6000 can pair upto five phones simultaneously. It has huge storage capacity of storing 8 000 contacts and can stuff it upto150 voice tags.

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