Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Parrot SK4000 – motorcyclists delighted

Very often I keep hearing the complaints of people who ride 2-wheeler about the freedom lost while riding the vehicle. But the moment I saw the Parrot SK 4000 Bluetooth hands-free motorcycle kit, I started recommending it as this has been expressly designed for motorcycles. It makes task very easier and you can make and take calls, listen to FM radio or to your favorite digital music while riding your motorcycle. After all its a parrot bluetooth car kit.

The microphone is mounted on a pliable coupling which doesn’t pain your ear and the headset speakers are positioned inside the helmet to give it stability. This is a very good tool as it doesn’t comes off while riding and links automatically to your Bluetooth A2DP enabled cell phone enabling you to connect to your music player.

Remote control mounted on handlebars makes it easy to access all devices functions using the. You can even browse your phone book and initiate a phone call via the Text-to-Speech technology.

Best 4 features

  1. The Parrot SK4000 automatically synchronizes its phonebook with your cell phonebook and updates it automatically.
  2. You can listen to the FM/RDS radio in addition to hands-free calling. It sports two stunning sound effects: Stereo Widening and Virtual Super Bass, to bring your playlist alive.
  3. Remote bring perfect control at your fingertips
  4. Its adaptability to helmet is awesome
  5. The battery provides 10 hours of usage which is more than enough for motorcyclists.

Parrot SK4000 Bluetooth Hands-Free Motorcycle Kit is a pathbreaking product designed to meet the requirements of the bike riders. It makes the journey pleasant and worthwhile.

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Anonymous said...

I've been using my SK4000 for 1 month now. I use my motorcycle to work a busy field job in NYC so the unit gets a lot of use as I listen to music or talk on the phone all day.

It was not shipped with detailed instructions, so I had to call the tech line and have the complete user manual emailed to me. The online manual was not complete.

It took awhile for me to remember all of the button functions given that the helmet attachment and the remote offer very different options. Sometimes everything works well, but the battery life is poor and the buttons don't respond well perhaps due to the thick rubber covering. Some days my finger hurt from trying to get the buttons to respond. The radio works will when I'm in a large metro area, the phone is clear for me and the people I'm calling and I listen to music through my PDA since I have A2DP. The cord that connects to the mp3 is not a secure connection and it often falls out while I'm riding. The A2DP is very inconsistent and will not automatically switch back to the music after I answer a phone call so I typically have to stop to reset the unit or my PDA.

The other problem is that the unit is falling apart after only one month of use. The joint to attach the unit to my helmet is no longer secure, the mouth piece wire has cracked in several places and the symbols on the on and off buttons have faded. I would not purchase this unit again, but hopefully some of the wear will be covered by warranty.


I called Parrot and they replaced the month piece. Then the Bluetooth set stopped recharging less than a week later and they replaced the Bluetooth. Now the Bluetooth set will not recognize the remote so I can no longer use the radio, hear music or answer the phone while I'm riding. This product is a piece of crap. Chatter Box has an A2DP unit coming out soon. This product was cheap and I got what I paid for; it’s useless.