Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vroom your way with Parrot MKi9200 Handsfree

Continuing to quest the Parrot Bluetooth car kits here is one another advanced MKi 9200 hands free. MKi redefines the phone conversations by providing exceptional audio quality and also you need not even handle the phone. The boon with every parrot hands free is bestowed with that is technologies like integrated voice recognition can be witnessed here as well. Connection to your mobile phone becomes damn easy in any circumstance and the additional good part is that it also contains connectors for any type of music (iPod, iphone, iTouch, USB keys, USB MP3 players, Bluetooth Stereo devices, CD players, MiniDisc)

Outstanding Music and Audio Quality

Parrot MKi 9200 delivers amazingly high quality on the audio front. Each MKi kit comes equipped with an independent RF remote control that gives you full control at your fingerprints. What’s more an incredibly efficient blending of an external double microphone and new software ensure elimination of environmental and in-car noises with full-duplex and zero-echo crystal clear conversations. The music cable is specifically designed to adapt to any sort of digital and analogue music players.

Good Synchronisation

The MKi like every other parrot car kit automatically synchronizes the names and phone numbers in your mobile with their phonebooks and update theirs phonebooks each time a new entry is detected. Voice synthesis (Text To Speech) is an added feature which will make your work a bit easy for sure.

Impressive Compatibility and Flawless integration

The biggest advantage of Parrot MKi 9200 is that it presents impressive compatibility as it is fully compatible with Bluetooth wireless communication protocol. For a higher integration in the vehicle, MKi can be interfaced with an optional module – Parrot MULTICAN – which uses the existing steering wheel mounted commands to control your Parrot Bluetooth hands-free car kit.


Matt said...

In summary...I nice bit of kit however, beware!

I bought mine from halfords, which I would recommend. It took three attempts to sucessfully install the equipment, which was time consuming At fault was the kit however, halfords replaced the parts. Parrot were unhelpful throughout the process (I got the sense that they didn't know what to say about this new technology rather than be awkward).

Listening and browsing through my ipod via this kit was a dream. Clarity of voice during calls was good too.

Someone stole the screen from my Parrot mki9200. Parrot have informed me that you cannot buy replacement parts; one must buy the whole kit again!!!!!!!!! On this basis I would not recommend you buy this kit.

Dan said...

Don't use Halfords they are completely incompetent. After 5 attempts and four different leads and 3 months they have installed this into my car, and it still doesn't work as it is faulty. Their service has been shocking.