Monday, September 22, 2008

Parrot Bluetooth Hands Free Car kit – CK3000 v/s CK3100

Parrot is a world leader in Bluetooth headset solution especially in European markets. It keeps on unveiling new product every now and than. So as it launched Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth Advanced Car Kit, we thought of presenting a comparison with its predecessor CK 3000.

The Bluetooth Parrot CK3100 and its Handsfree Console is an upgraded version of the older Parrot CK3000 is different in a way that it provides drivers with visual information and functions in order to give them smooth functioning on day to day basis.

The Parrot CK3000 Evolution supports remote and handsfree operation for variety of mobile phones from different manufacturers with the requirement being only the Bluetooth® wireless technology to support an audio profile for opening an audio channel with handsfree system. The wireless connection between the Parrot CK3100 LCD and the Bluetooth phone and its voice recognition system is enabled as soon as the phone is switched on.

The Parrot CK3000 pairs up to 3 phones, to that The Bluetooth Parrot CK3100 can pair up to 5 devices. Rest features like Echo cancellation, noise reduction, Voice recognition dialing, and dual call and, Volume control are same in both the models.

Apart from this parrot CK3100 consist of all the visual features that are completely eliminated from Parrot CK3000 because of non-presence of display feature. Display features like displaying carrier name and Network signal strength on its lavishing LCD screen sets it apart from Parrot CK3000.

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