Monday, September 29, 2008

Parrot Minikit CK3000 type!! Yet exceptional

Parrot Minikit undoubtedly is commendable Bluetooth handsfree kit being belonging to the stable of parrot. Please don’t go by its name as this is a Hands-Free Speaker Phone device able to be used at home, office, in the car or anywhere on earth where you are reluctant or deprived of holding mobile phone.

The package includes a metal clip to mount it on your sun-visor however; it can also be placed on the dash-board or wherever you prefer. Coming back to the feature and technology part, The Mini-kit uses a 2 way speaker, dsp-2 signal processing algorithms, Omni directional microphone, supports HSP, HFP & OPP and is perfectly compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones.

The rechargeable battery gives about 10 hours of talk time and 275 hours of standby – being fully charged and works pretty well in the proximity of 10 feet.

The parrot Minikit is not just a simple speaker as it inherits most of the features from CK3000. You can have multiple numbers per contact - mobile, home, office, etc. It is able to use the voice-prints from your phone, or you can even transfer the numbers from your mobile to the Parrot. Training option is also there for improved performance.

Parrot minikit boast automatic pairing just put your phone in paring mode and turn on the Minikit, rest is assured automatically. To handle calls you can use voice activation feature that calls for naming the person you want to call. Just press the green and red button to answer or hang a call respectively.

The handy navigation wheel on the front can be used to change options and to select menus when calling automated call centres, but it’s illegal for your information.

The Parrot Minikit calls quality is amazing being loud & clear. It works well with other compatible brands as well. Although it may be more expensive than some other Bluetooth Speaker offerings, and also you may be disappointed by the absence of automatic mute system for your cars radio speakers however, everything is up to mark as promised. Parrot Minikit hands-free speaker phone is absolutely recommendable for those ferreting for transferable Bluetooth hands-free kit for your car / home / office.

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