Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wanna Control your CK3100 via steering wheel - Parrot MULTICOMM is the choice

To enhance your driving experience with parrot CK3100 installed in your car, Parrot came with steering wheel mounted control kit (for R-Ladder bus vehicles) that allows you to use your vehicles existing steering wheel mounted commands to control your Parrot CK3100 LCD Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit. This is a complete solution as through this you can control both the car receiver and the Parrot car kit without any meddling.

You need not install any more additional part as The Parrot MULTICOMM only uses the existing car’s steering wheel control buttons. There is no compatibility issue as it fine tunes very well with all kinds of R-Ladder steering wheel controls which is predominantly present in most of car brands. You can check the compatibility on parrot’s official website.

What adds to its advantage is its adaptability, if the steering wheel doesn’t have enough buttons; the Parrot MULTICOMM uses a specific combination of buttons to compensate for the missing ones.

In other words kit allows eliminating the user interface, and getting a fully invisible Bluetooth hands free solution. Parrot MULTICOMM is extremely recommended for the people seeking highest manoeuvrability.

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