Monday, September 29, 2008

MK 6000 for music enthusiasts

MK6000 has been confronting the scarcity of reviews so, we thought of supplementing the least talked gadget from the stable of Parrot. I got friendly with it in just a matter of seconds. I turned on the ignition key, and a few seconds later I was talking to the Parrot MK6000 with the opening statement from it being “Please, pair device”, although it took some time to boot.

The device supports “Wireless Stereo” and “Hands Free” profiles so I checked both of them. Parrot’s control panel is something that always delights me since I always hear Voice Command’s familiar chime through my car’s speakers the moment I press green button. For making calls I simply speak the name of a contact and the conversation begins with Cingular’s “Voice Connect” service.

People with whom I spoke about it reported to satisfied with fine voice quality and no disturbance because of background noise. I experienced it while driving so it was testified.

This one of its kind Bluetooth car kit supports A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profiles. It really fastens the switching process, as I hung up my first test call, I hit the green button again and said “START POCKET PLAYER”. PP3’s A2DP and AVRCP support works with my Plantronics Pulsar 590A as I have already verified that, and the complete blue light illuminated front panel of the car kit the blue looks awesome, PLAY/PAUSE, NEXT/PREV all of them. The music boomed from the vehicle’s speakers.

Simply Press “STOP” and hold the PLAY/PAUSE button for 2 seconds and “PLAY” a few times if music starts skipping after you are done with your call. There is an actually a “pop”, then a second or so of silence, and then the playback continues after the arrived call is hung up.

I took advantage of the automatic synchronisation function that automatically synchronise with address book, and read out the names you select! This is pretty cool. And let me make it that clear that if you're buying a MK6000, you are availing the audio streaming capability. You’re getting MP3's through your old radio without buying a new one as Bluetooth mp3 player / phone (if A2DP compatible) can stream music to your existing car stereo via the Parrot.

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