Friday, September 5, 2008

Parrot PMK5800 is fully featured car kit

“You name it and you have it” that’s the philosophy behind this product.

Hands-Free calling - The Parrot PMK5800 is a furbished with all possible features that you may be looking in a Bluetooth car kit. It plugs into the 12V accessory plug and pairs with your Bluetooth mobile phone thereafter speakerphone automatically connects to your phone by Bluetooth. So keep enjoying the freedom of making and taking calls without touching your phone.
Voice and music right in you car stereo - Being compact and portable is a pros of parrot PMK 5800 making it capable of delivering voice and music over the vehicle's speakers. It high-quality FM stereo transmitter transmits calls and music to the car stereo to make it heard loud and clear.

Sound quality - Parrot specialises in advanced signal processing. The Parrot PMK5800 incorporates the latest Parrot noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies. The built-in microphone is combined with a special software program that captures the voice and effectively eliminates surrounding noise making the Sound quality is flawless. This “plug & play” car kit with the noise-free clarity mostly found on a Parrot installed car kit.

Built-in voice recognition - The Parrot PMK5800 speakerphone uses Parrot proprietary voice recognition software for true hands-free calling to make it quicker and safer to access your main contacts by simply saying their names (up to 150 contacts per phone) and guess what they are dialled automatically.

Digital music files playing - play your favorite music tracks wirelessly via Bluetooth (with any Bluetooth enabled A2DP device) or with a wired connection to the PMK5800 (mini- USB cable supplied with the kit). Either way, music is transmitted to the vehicle stereo via FM radio waves and reproduced through the car speakers.

The Parrot PMK5800 is the convenient, economical way to enjoy hands-free calling and favorite music in your car. Parrot bluetooth car kits are truly commendable.

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