Saturday, September 20, 2008

Parrot CK3300 bluetooth handsfree and GPS car kit – review

It always makes much sense to use handsfree car kit given the fact it’s safe and allowed by most legislation where the mobile phones are legally restricted. Even where the mobiles are not prohibited while driving it makes sense to use a handsfree system purely for the sake of safety.

Parrot is a leader manufacturer of mobile phone accessories. They have products lined up in the range of handsfree devices, but recently the Parrot CK3300 handsfree car kit grabbed our attention with an integrated bluetooth GPS receiver.

Parrot CK3000 Universal Car is already being sold in 35 countries and is acknowledged worldwide for its car solution. With its quality built-in GPS receiver, CK3300 is an extension of CK 3100 with addition of navigation functions. It sometimes looks like dream when you turn on the ignition; everything is connected and starts running. Although the reality is not same but, somewhere around it.

The Parrot CK3300 comprise the control box, Radio mute cable, LCD Screen, Microphone, Multi option LCD mounting kit, GPS antenna, ISO cabling set and also Parrot provide an external speaker as an optional accessory.

The parrot CK3300 works seamlessly hands-free with Superior user interface with LCD display. It Works with all Bluetooth enabled Smartphones and PDA. Inatallation is very easy. The unit uses car speakers and features automatic mute system, audio volume control delivering Quality audio of Digital Signal Processing. No wire, no headset hence No headset battery to charge. The Software is upgradeable. The GPS is 12 channels with Active antenna over Bluetooth.

There are a numerous combinations that can be tried on the Parrot CK3300 for deriving different configurations. For more on Parrot Bluetooth

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