Friday, September 26, 2008

Parrot CK3000 evolution – reviews

Parrot CK3000 illusory looks at first glance may stand as a barrier to convince you of its undisputed in-built features enough to take edge over its competitors. This slightly bulky beauty groups many great features at an even better price.

Lets see first of all what do you get for under £100.

A car kit that fitting the bill as far as a legal device

Sufficing you need for complete Bluetooth car kit

Does everything without distracting.

The kit is not much visible as the control box is concealed behind car stereo, and a mic is mounted on the front pillars for excellent, clear calls.

The Parrot ck3000 evolution routes incoming calls through your cars' speakers, and mutes automatically making calls loud and clear. Your car doesn’t need additional wiring kits if car stereo has a standard ISO wiring loom. Event if it doesn't, you can get them easily in the market.

Parrot ck3000 performance

1. Simple and user-friendly installation, once installed and paired with your bluetooth phone, you're ready for use.

2. This is the true hands-free operation through voice recognition simply Press the green button, or say "Phone" to receive your call. just press the red button, or say "hang up" to finish the call.

3. Making calls happens in blink of eyes if you have voiceprints activated in your phone, simply say "Phone" and name of the person you want to call. You can even further clarify the location of call If they've got more than one number. Just add "home", "work", "mobile" etc.


Parrot have a great user guide and help section, where they have an exhaustive list of phones and how to get the voice recognition working. The best way is to send each contact from your phone to the Parrot, which then asks you to say the name for future voice-activated use. The ck3000 evolution stores up to 150 names more than enough for users. The ck3000 evolution Bluetooth car kit also employs all sorts of echo cancellation and background noise reduction technology to deliver unparalleled the voice clarity on the calls. This is certainly a recommendation product.

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